#2 Stryker Singapore

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Mr Potts believes trust is paramount at Stryker Singapore. PHOTO: TED CHEN

Stryker Singapore is where employees trust the people they work for and take pride in what they do

Mr Daniel James Andrew Potts, managing director (ASEAN) for Stryker Singapore, explains the practices and policies behind their corporate philosophy.

What organisational practices and human resource policies does Stryker Singapore have that set it apart from others?

Stryker Singapore believes in diversity and inclusion. We truly value people and are guided by our mission and values.

To enable diversity and inclusion, our strengths-based talent philosophy helps us find the right talent and ensures a great fit based on individual strengths.

We train our employees to be talent assessment experts. We spend a lot of time and resources on educating human resources representatives, recruiters and managers about our strengths-based talent philosophy, so they can help identify the best candidates for our organisation.

How do you ensure your employees stay committed to company ideals?

Stryker Singapore recruits people who believe in our four core values of integrity, accountability, people and performance.

We do what is right, we do what we say, we grow talent and we deliver. These values are fundamental to how we execute our mission.

Our work transforms people’s lives everyday. We deliver quality products that make life better for everyone who counts on us.

Do you have a “secret recipe” for keeping employees motivated and happy?

Building a strong foundation of trust between employees and senior management is critical to keeping our employees motivated and happy.

At Stryker Singapore, our employees brainstorm team goals together and see their ideas brought to life.

We help them discover their strengths, follow their passions and grow with the company, so they can own their careers and develop their career journeys.