Tips on Tidying Up Your LinkedIn Profile

In this article, we have summarised 8 important tips on tidying up your LinkedIn Profile!

Tips on Tidying Up Your LinkedIn Profile

In this article, we have summarised 8 important tips on tidying up your LinkedIn Profile!

Tips on Tidying Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Somewhere in your life, you must have heard someone talking about this interesting social media platform called LINKEDIN. But...has it always given you the vibes that it is something you should have only when you are looking for your first job after university or polytechnic.

But that is not entirely true. Whether you’re a manager, business owner, employee, student or manager, your LinkedIn profile is not just a place for you for you to market your profile but also a medium for people to connect with others professionally in the business context!

You probably already have signed up for an account, but you're at a loss what to do..
Or perhaps… you are looking for a job but you are not getting connected or getting responses!

In this article, we have summarised 8 important tips on tidying up your LinkedIn Profile!


  1. Professional Profile Image

We all know that first impression counts - when someone visits your profile or when a connect request appears, the first thing one would notice would be your profile image. Statistics have shown that having a professional image increases profile views by up to 21 times and it also increases connect request acceptance by up to 9 times!

These attributes and numbers are key metrics in getting found on LinkedIn. Profile views reflect how interesting you and your profile is, and connection requests indicate how wide your professional network is. In both cases, the higher the number, the better for you!

General rule of thumb:

  • Your photo shouldn’t look too casual or look like it can be featured on a dating site/ social network (Facebook, Instagram etc). Casual not only refers to your dressing or attire, but also who is being featured in your profile. Please do not feature your significant other, or your pets.

  • It should be updated every 3-5 years, and not a photo of you 20 years ago.


  1. Banner Photo

Now let’s move on to the banner background photo.

Take this chance and space to BRAND YOURSELF. The banner background is amongst the one of the first few things someone takes notice because it’s right on top!

Also coupled with the fact that many people uses the default LinkedIn header, using a different header for your profile makes you stand out from the rest

The LinkedIn banner profile should display your brand or personality with a visually appealing image.


  1. Headlines

Your headline should be relevant to your key specialisations.

For example, you’re currently working as a Marketing Specialist. But that’s not all. Be more specific - what kind of marketing do you handle?

“Social Media Marketing Specialist” or an “Events Marketing Specialist”

Another tip that we found very useful from TheMuse:

Incorporating a future job.

Say for example, you’re currently a Human Resource Manager, but you’re currently undergoing a management scheme to become a Human Resource Specialist. You could add “Future Human Resource Specialist” in your headline! This could actually help you increase your chance of being searched when recruiters search for “HR specialist”.

“To show up higher in relevant searches, add the job you want, not the job you have.”THEMUSE


  1. Profile Summary

According toRichard Lowe, in his book written about LinkedIn, he mentioned “The purpose of LinkedIn is to tell people about your strengths, skills, and how you can be of service to others.”

Your LinkedIn summary should be an expansion of your headline, not longer than 3-4 paragraphs.

Pick out your strengths and key skills that you’ve gained in your job employments –

You can choose to include:
Specializations, Awards/ Achievements, Leadership skills.

Or, you can add other things to stand out such as: Personality (how does your character make you a good enthusiast for the job role).

LinkedIn picked out 7 LinkedIn profile summaries they loved and you can read themhere!

Keep it neat and easy to read. Your summary should reflect Your summary should reflect your personality, passion as a person, as well as the role you're applying for.

  1. Portfolio


In your portfolio, pick the right keywords to put in your headline, summary and profile to enhance your chances of being noticed when being searched.


There has been a growing significance in adding visual contents to your profile.

Visuals such as URLs, photos, videos, gifs, presentations or mock-up proposals you have done, could possibly attract employers’ interest in knowing more about you and your contributions.

There are several other sections you can fill in your LinkedIn Profile – Languages, Skills, Awards, Patents, Volunteering activities and Endorsements! Lay the details out!

  1. Customise Your Profile URL

Ensure that personalise your own LinkedIn URL. This is an added benefit as you can simply attach this link in your hard copy resumes, giving recruiters another avenue to get to know your qualifications better!

How do you know if you have a personalised URL?

If your profile has a weird combination of numbers, alphabets and backslashes, chances are you’re not having one.

If you have not customised your LinkedIn URL, simply:

Click on ‘Me’ icon > View Profile > Edit Public Profile & URL > click the Pencil edit tool next to your profile URL >Type in your customised URL > SAVE

Or you may choose to click here.

  1. Join Groups

LinkedIn is a platform unlike your other social media accounts. Whether you’re a manager, business owner, employee, student or manager, your LinkedIn profile is a place for people to connect professionally in the business context.

The whole point of networking is getting to know people! Whether you may or may not work with or for them, networking allows you to understand more about a certain role, industry or person’s values and visions.

Build your LinkedIn network by joining groups and sharing your expertise!

An article onThe Mission also supports that the biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn is the failure to connect with people you want to know but don’t know yet! Building your LinkedIn network brings you more benefits than you think. It enhances your personal branding / profiling whenever you share content with others! This may also increase the odds of others visiting your profile or even a connection request!

  1. Be Active

Other ways in gaining visibility would be to actively publish content! Every post is a new chance to reach out to someone who would love to know more about the content that you post.

Your article will appear in the search when a new LinkedIn user searches for something similar.

Be positive! Refrain from posting negative contents about the company, employee or employers. Of course, we do have varied opinions about certain topics - however, do bear in mind that LinkedIn is a platform which you should practice caution in posting content!

Your words reflect greatly on you and they determine your career opportunities.
Spend some time on that LinkedIn Profile!

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