Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd

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Metropolis' vision has always been "To be the foremost Security Agency in Singapore providing high quality security services as well as to set a high industry standard in terms of providing and caring for our workforce." We are on track to being the foremost Security agency in Singapore. We have achieved many years of continuous recognition from agencies’ governing body.

Our men, systems and work processes have been intrinsically groomed to ensure this. Every individual and department is an important component in the entire Metropolis organization, akin to the clockwork mechanism.

In terms of caring for our workforce, we will endeavor to be the one of the best employers in Singapore which we have also received an award for the Skillsfuture Employer Award in 2019.

We are also harnessing technologies to streamline our work more efficiently and with economies of scale.

We have various job opportunities within the company. So join us to be part of this Dynamic Team now!

Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd
Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd
  • Security / Protective Services
  • 20 Sin Ming Lane #08-63 Midview City Singapore 573968
  • Katherine Lim - Recruitment Executive / 67484230 / 98393718