Business Strategist (Tech & Gaming Shows)

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Job Description


The IT Show and Comex Shows are market leaders in Singapore’s electronics fair scene. They are flanked by CEE and CEF shows, making it a total of 4 shows in a year.


We are looking for a new addition to the team who can help spearhead the team to new grounds. We believe that there is much room to grow in engaging our audiences, in order to provide more value to our exhibitors.


The Job


The Business Strategist will be in charge of carving out new visions for the business. He/She will also be in charge of executing and driving them with the current team. The new visions should comprise of bold business ventures as well as innovative digital strategies that will ultimately lead to higher audience engagement + profiling, higher value add to exhibitors, and increased annual top line over the 4 shows in a year.


The candidate should have rich experience in business innovation or evolution projects. He/she should be able to chart out clear and executable road maps for each project. Each project should have a clear role, in achieving a vision for the electronics show business over the next 5 – 10 years. Each project should have clear projections and pre-defined failure points that will be closely monitored, review and assessed.




  • Develop an understanding of the business environment and strategy.

  • Collaborate with our team to define project objectives, set key performance metrics, and establish project approach.

  • Conduct research, stakeholder interviews, brainstorming sessions, and on digital projects conducting things like, features and functionality workshops

  • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace

  • Assemble strategic insights into presentation materials for mid and senior level management.

  • Keep abreast of emerging behaviors, technologies, and companies that can complement or supplement our current business.

  • Act as an internal resource, championing our content / storytelling / digital innovation whenever possible

Job Requirements


  • Have a strong entrepreneur or intrapreneur qualities.
  • Be able to work with industry partners to enrich the fair with new content and bring more revenue to the business.
  • Have past experience creating new businesses models, tested and implemented them.
  • Must have a strong affinity with data and is able to ideate and implement data collection strategies.
  • Must be able to think innovatively and out of the box to craft clear data strategies from the raw data collected.
  • Must be able to articulate clearly past innovation/evolution projects that illustrates the qualities listed above
  • Experience working with Expos / Fairs / Exhibitors will be preferred.
  • At least 7 years of experience in a managerial position.
  • Permanent / Full Time
  • Senior Manager
Singapore Press Holdings Limited
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