Asian Blending Pte Ltd

Asian Blending Pte Ltd

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Asian Blending is a wholly-owned of SIS '88 Pte Ltd and is pased on the SIS site in Singapore. A scrupulously managed and hermetically sealed operation, Asian Blending provides a pristine and trotected environment for the precision blending of various powdered products to make both ingredients for food and drink production and for final consumer products.

Asian Blending offers computer-controlled accuracy of blends and has historically excelled in all Government and consumer audits achieving an AVA 'A' Grade rating. Asian Blending provides World-Class blending capabilities to major food companies around Asia, many of whose products you probably enjoy on a regular basis.

Asian Blending Pte Ltd
  • Manufacturing - Non Electronics
  • No.34 Jurong Port Road Singapore 619107
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