Over the last decade, the early childhood industry has developed tremendously, says Ms Vivian Ang, principal of MY World @ Compassvale Ancilla. Parent involvement in their child’s learning development has increased. More emphasis has also been placed on the holistic development of each child.

This ever-changing landscape of early childhood education is what fuels her passion to keep contributing back to the industry 25 years on. She joined the industry as a part-time assistant teacher in 1990.

Prior to her current stint as a principal, Ms Ang has taken on roles ranging from an assistant teacher and senior teacher to a centre supervisor and owner of a childcare centre. 

She witnessed how children's needs and abilities evolved and recognised the importance for early 
 childhood professionals like herself to stay updated with the latest theories and teaching strategies to benefit both teachers and children.

Passing on knowledge

The 43-year-old holds a bachelor's degree in early childhood studies, a master's degree in child psychology and a specialised diploma in special needs education. Today, she is pursuing a doctorate in psychology and master's degree in education (child development) to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. She also hopes to share what she learns in the classroom with teachers under her charge.

Eager to help new teachers grow as they put theory to practice, Ms Ang shares with them ground knowledge and useful teaching strategies she has learned through the years. This includes creating interactive and meaningful teaching and learning aids, and tips on engaging children during storytelling sessions.  

While it is a joy to see children flourish under a teacher’s care, the veteran early childhood educator finds it just as rewarding to see young teachers grow.

In this field, loving children is but one essential criteria, says Ms Ang. “As an early childhood educator, it is also important to constantly improve yourself, so as to be equipped with the relevant knowledge to contribute back to the development of the children,” she says.